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Academic writing, discussion section, writing a manuscript Introduction Sharing knowledge produced during academic life is achieved through writing manuscripts. We may be dazzled and impressed at first, but none of that matters if you deliver an anti-climactic conclusion in the Discussion section.

Citation quality Another common error is the cited literature throughout the discussion. Here is some additional advice on particular problems common to new scientific writers. The transition into interpretive language can be a slippery slope.

Writing a Research Paper Series: Discussion

Other erroneous issues consist of superfluousness of the manuscript with unnecessary repetitions, undue, and recurrent references to the problems adressed in the manuscript or their solution methods, overcriticizing or overpraising other studies, and use of a pompous literary language overlooking the main objective of sharing information.

If you always get clear-cut answers whenever you ask this question, then the study is proceeding towards the right direction. First, because the participants were highly experienced IM users, they may frequently converse with more than one person while performing a concurrent task.

In a nutshell, your Discussion fulfills the promise you made to readers in your Introduction. Indeed young colleagues have the enthusiasm, and energy required for the conduction of the study, while middle-aged researchers have the knowledge to manage the research, and manuscript writing.

It is often a good idea to include a map labeled as a Figure showing the study location in relation to some larger more recognizable geographic area.

Use the present voice, which should also be employed in the Introduction. Results can take the form of data, hypotheses, models, definitions, formulas, etc. It is important to note that all statements containing data from external sources should be properly referenced and specific to maximize the impact.

Gillett, University of Hertfordshire Discussion 1The purpose of the study was to investigate whether Students in Higher Education on an EAP writing course would benefit from computer assisted instruction. What should I include in the Discussion section.

Academic Phrases for Writing Results & Discussion Sections of a Research Paper

It can distract the reader from the main point of the paper — research. Thus, our diagnoses are tentative and additional research using more formal diagnostic assessments of PTSD and other psychiatric diagnoses may be warranted.

To be honest, you will edit the Discussion part of your manuscript numerous times. Additionally, our sample was predominantly Caucasian, and thus, we do not know how these results would generalize to ethnic minority groups.

Subsequently, in the light of the current literature this finding is discussed, new ideas on this subject are revealed, and the paragraph ends with a concluding remark. Explain plausibly any agreements, contradictions, or exceptions. If you discovered something unexpected, offer reasons.

You must also recommend how we might get to point C i. The Discussion section is sort of an odd beast because it is here where you speculate, but must avoid rambling, guessing, or making logical leaps beyond what is reasonably supported for your data.

Experienced researchers make guiding contributions to the manuscript. It is advisable to work on a manuscript regularly to avoid losing familiarity with the article. The Methods section is prone to being wordy or overly detailed.

Therefore, during construction of a draft, attention distracting environment should be avoided, and this step should be completed within 1—2 hours.

The lid was then raised slightly. We develop a rhythm as we read and parallel structures facilitate our comprehension. Further Research Future research efforts are needed to develop effective strategies for improving the acceptability and ensuring the appropriate use of telehealth care for those patients who may be positioned to benefit from it.

Research report discussions The main purpose of the discussion is to show that the results lead clearly to the conclusion being drawn. On the other hand, your reader will perceive all information in an ascending manner, from more specific elements to the general understanding of your topic.

Therefore, the authors should go over the manuscript for at least three times after finalization of the manuscript based on joint decision.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: The Discussion

You may want to identify certain types of equipment by vendor name and brand or category e. Top of Page Describe the organism s used in the study. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to write a strong Discussion section that best portrays the significance of your research contributions.

What’s the purpose of the Discussion section? In a nutshell, your Discussion fulfills the promise you made to readers in your Introduction. Feb 12,  · In essence, the methodology to be followed in writing the ‘Discussion’ section is directly related to the selection of the target journal.

How to write a discussion section?

Indeed, in compliance with the writing rules of the target journal, limitations made on the number of words after onset of the writing process, effects mostly the ‘Discussion’ section. The discussion section is a framing section, like the Introduction, which returns to the significance argument set up in your introduction.

So reread your introduction carefully before writing the discussion; you will discuss how the hypothesis has been demonstrated by the new research and then show how the field's knowledge has been changed by. Discussion is one of the hardest section in research paper or thesis.

It needs experience, learning and practice. It is not a way to restate your results. This section describes an organizational structure commonly used to report experimental research in many scientific disciplines, the IMRAD format: Introduction, Methods, Results, And Discussion.

Although the main headings are standard for many scientific fields, details may vary; check with your instructor, or, if submitting an article to a journal. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Writing a Discussion.

Genres in academic writing: Research report discussions

By ScienceDocs Editor Dr. Horvath. Introduction: When editing a manuscript, the section that is typically the most problematic is the discussion.

Writing research discussion section
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